30 Days of Herbs ~Day 3~ Feverfew

This time of year, with all the viruses and illness being passed around, I feel it would be remiss of me not to write about this herb. Feverfew is the bomb. HAHA. I am serious. My life partner asked me to brew him up some tea a week and a half ago. He had aContinue reading “30 Days of Herbs ~Day 3~ Feverfew”

Just a small check in

So as we all know I’ve began a journey of better health. I am bipolar and do not take medication (I’m high functioning and non violent). I recently began taking an ashwagandha tincture that I made daily. It WORKED WONDERS. I slept deep and well, woke up without drowsiness, I saw a difference in moodContinue reading “Just a small check in”