30 Days of Herbs ~Day 2~ Ginko

So, fun fact, when I was a teenager I had a “falling out” with my father (like we do) and was shipped off to my bio moms house. I don’t talk about my bio mom a whole lot, and I won’t start now, but while I was doing my time there she was on aContinue reading “30 Days of Herbs ~Day 2~ Ginko”

January Product of the Month

Say it with me…bath soaks. This is a great addition to your self-care routine!! You will definitely be seeing these in some new things coming sooooooooon!! I really enjoy taking baths and feeling absolutely pampered during, and after. These do the trick every single time. To start the mixture on these I grind up oatmeal,Continue reading “January Product of the Month”

30 Days of Herbs Day 1

As someone who suffers from occasional insomnia and all the time anxiety, this herb intrigues me quite a bit. Research has shown that it helps with both of those and also hot flashes caused by menopause. You can take it in tincture form, powder pill supplement, my personal favorite tea, or even use the essentialContinue reading “30 Days of Herbs Day 1”