About Destini

Hello everyone!! My name is Destini. I sometimes go by Willow in select company. Ha. I have been studying herbalism and healing for years. I am proud to tell you that I have many certificates in herbalism, and am currently a Reiki Master. I decided to put my learning and passions to work in helping people relax, heal, and have better quality of life all the way around. Most of the time you can find me doing research with a cup of hot herbal tea in hand, or having my life partner try my tinctures.

We have four little demons running around our tiny house keeping us on our toes. We are a really close family, only growing closer because of Covid and homeschooling. I know 2020 was a bad year for most people, but our family flourished in ways we didn’t expect. We welcomed our newest addition, Leviathan Thane, and we found out that we really do enjoy each others company when stuck inside for ridiculously long periods of time. Currently we are all working towards accomplishing various goals we have and are just living life as authentically as we can.

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