30 Days of Herbs ~Day 3~ Feverfew

This time of year, with all the viruses and illness being passed around, I feel it would be remiss of me not to write about this herb. Feverfew is the bomb. HAHA. I am serious. My life partner asked me to brew him up some tea a week and a half ago. He had a fever, a headache, and some stomach problems going on. I brewed him up some marshmallow root, feverfew, peppermint, and lavender tea. He passed out and woke up 100%better.

I try to put this herb in anything to do with fever or headache relief. It is a great addition to anyone’s home healthcare cabinet. I have always found it easy to get a hold of, if our local place is out then I just put in a quick order to mountain rose herbs.

Because this herb relaxes blood vessels, using it during menstruation could mean a much heavier flow.

A couple cool things I’ve found:

  • Leaves and stems produce a green/yellow dye
  • an active ingredient (Pyrenthrin) is an insect repellent
  • The Greeks used the herb to normalize irregular contractions during childbirth
  • When used Long-Term this herbs helps get rid of chronic migraines

I am definitely adding this to my gardening list this year. What things have you found you like about this beautiful flower?

Leave a comment or message how you enjoy using feverfew!!

May the light shine on your path,

Destini (Willow)

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