10 Days of Meditation

To say the last year and the start of this year has left me, and I am sure others, so stressed is putting things mildly. I got out of the habit of regular meditation. Choosing to focus on my stress and depression instead. Bad idea. Everything kept coming at me all at once and I couldn’t focus long enough to help one thing or the other. I also wasn’t sleeping and when I did, it was fitful and full of weird dreams. I started taking my ashwagandha tincture on the regular again and drinking my nightly tea, but I was definitely missing something. I got easily angered at work, and felt I was overreacting to things that I usually just wouldn’t care about. Really, who has time for that? So began my journey back into meditation.

So, on January 1, 2021 I started off small. I sat in the kitchen after everyone went to bed, I lit my candles and held my crystals. I focused on my breathing and I set my timer for 5 minutes. The next morning, I did the same thing, without the candles. Just five minutes. I focused on my breathing. In and Out, in and out. Slow. I let my thoughts wander where they wanted, I didn’t feel like stressing over clearing my thoughts. But after focusing on my breathing, that’s the only thoughts that were left in my head. Just counting my breaths.

I started stretching, and breathing before, and after my meditations. Setting the timer really helped me too. All of a sudden, my days were just a bit more easily dealt with. If I started to feel stressed, at any point, I would take a moment to shut the world out and breathe. At work, I’d step in the bathroom or out the back door, and just breathe and clear my head.

Now, I’m mediating as part of my day. Just now, before sitting and writing this I took three minutes to clear my head.

My dreams are better. I lay in bed and do some focused breathing exercises before allowing myself to drift off into slumber. I feel more rested when I wake up. I know that I am taking my tincture and drinking my lavender tea before bed, but I firmly believe that all these things I am doing have collectively made my life better and definitely more enjoyable.

“But I just can’t turn my brain off.” Good. Don’t. Let your thoughts wander where they will. For as long as you are sitting, standing, or laying…I know some people that hang upside down when they meditate…just let your thoughts wander and focus on your breathing. Think what you will and then let it go.

Meditation doesn’t solve everything. But it sure does help a whole lot of things. And these days, I feel like we can use all the help we can get. It has definitely helped me.



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