30 Days of Crystals *Moonstone*

I never leave the house without my raw piece of rainbow moonstone. I put in an order from an online shop that I’d never ordered from before and the order was late. When it finally got here, there was this stone in it that wasn’t ordered, so I did some research. I found out it was a rainbow moonstone and it was just meant to be on my person at all times. I absolutely love it, and it brings me such joy, and energy. If I’m overwhelmed I hold it in my hand and it calms me down. Now, if I leave the house and don’t find it within reach, it always somehow finds it’s way into my purse, or my breast pump bag, or my coat…it just always seems to be there.

Because I resonate so amazing with this stone, I also use it in my energy healing, should I feel a blockage in the persons crown chakra or third eye chakra. The people I have done work on have told me that they felt the stress just melt away, and I understand because it does the same thing to me. My grandmother, a fellow witch (I actually think of her as a wise woman <3), told me a couple months ago when we were having a conversation about moonstone that she always has hers on her person as well.

That fifth benefit in the above image brings me to my next testimony about this amazing stone. When I was giving birth to my fourth child last year, I had it with me in the room. I’m not saying that stone is the reason I only had to push like four times after the doctor had barely got in the room, but I am also not saying it’s not the reason. My birthing process went so smooth! They say the more kids you have, the harder things are on your body. But I recovered so fast.

If you don’t have a moonstone to carry with you, or use in meditation, I recommend. I recommend so hard. Especially if you are a woman, associate with the feminine, meditate regularly, or practice by the moon.

Do it, and then share with us how your moonstone crystal makes you feel.

May the moonlight shine on your path!

Destini (Willow)

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