January New Moon

The new moon this year for January is on the 12/13. I love the New Moon phase, as it is a time to set intentions and really think about if we want to add anything new to our lives. This month, I have so many new ideas and business goals to implement, so I will be focusing on those. What are your New Moon intentions? How do you celebrate? Do you do a whole ceremony?

My home currently only has a shower, so I do some shower meditation and set some intentions in there and begin my manifesting. I scrub away the old habits and invite new ones. Hopefully next month I can do a bathing ritual in a brand new to us home. I can’t wait to have a bath tub again.

I have decided I’m addicted to Pinterest. I found this awesome picture ☝️☝️☝️. If you don’t have any traditions for celebrating the new moon every month these are some good ones.

I also try to spirit walk with my guide. Have a nice little chat. It’s relaxing and completes me.

Here is a list of the moon phases for the year 🌟🌟🌟

Drop by and let me know how you celebrate and welcome the new moon ❄️❄️

May the light shine upon your path and light the way 🌟

Destini (Willow)

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