DIY Spell Bags

So here are the finished bags.

I take the protection of my family very, very seriously. During this spell, my son came into the room and I almost shooed him out, but thought that adding his energy with mine was just what this was missing. So I had him hold my hand. It went beautifully.

Before I started, I gathered all my ingredients.

  • Wax Skulls
  • Tree of life pendants
  • Crystal Quarts Chips
  • Black Obsidian Chips
  • Dill
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic Cloves
  • Black Pepper
  • sage leaves
  • Black salt

The Dill protects against dark forces. The garlic protects against magic, negativity, spirits, and envy. The Black pepper protects against negativity, evil, and jealousy. The rosemary protects against negativity. The black salt protects against pretty much everything. I think that I got all my bases covered.

Now, I laid everything on my alter cloth, you can get one just like mine (This is an affiliate link). I used two black candles and one white. And I put a clear quartz point in the middle to kind of amp my power up.

The wax skulls I personally made and put my energy into, I feel like the skull is a wonderful aide against warding off evil and things or people that mean you harm. (psst…I sell these as well 😉 lol) The tree of life is my personal Talisman. I feel like it represents family and power and beauty.

As I said my spell (This is personal to me. I feel like we all walk our own path and words are powerful. You should definitely come up with your own here.) I dripped the black candle wax on the skulls and everything else I had laid out. The sage smoke was rolling over everything. It was a powerful experience. After I got everything covered and the words all spoken, I meditated and put my intentions of protection into the quartz crystal chips and the black obsidian chips. After that it was just bagging it all up.

I have two doors in my house. The front and the back. These bags are currently hanging by both of them, so that they protect us going in and they give us their protection when we leave as well. If you walk through my door and get a headache, please leave. Because that means they are doing their job against people who mean us harm, lmao.

I want you to know that I make and sell these as well. If you don’t personally want to make them or have no time, please message me. We, and our families can use all the protection we can get during these times!

Please, Be Blessed and may the Goddess protect you wherever you are,

Destini (Willow)

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