Destini is me

I know I’ve done one of these posts before. Introducing myself and such. But here is a little thing about me, if I don’t think I’m doing something right, or if I feel like I need to learn more…then I set out on an epic journey full of classes and lessons.

Hence this new blogging course I’ve signed up for. Lol. This is the first post. The introducing myself post. My “why” post. That’s a pretty simple and very complicated answer. I try to succeed in all that I do so that I can show my kids that to follow your dreams is the best path, in my opinion. I want them to grow up knowing that if they wanna dance, then they dance. If they want to be a lawyer, then they be a lawyer. If they wanna paint, then hell yes, they paint.

I am a witch. I cast spells, I help ghosts along and I banish demons or negativity from people and places. Which is why part of my business is offering people those services. The biggest part of me is a healer. I am a reiki master and I love helping people heal with energy. I am an herbalist. I enjoy learning about herbs and helping people with herbs immensely. So all of this goes hand in hand in my business. It’s all intertwined. That’s my business. My life.

My demons (the kind you don’t banish)

The personal side of my is ALWAYS difficult to write about or even talk about. I am a mother. I am a waitress. I am a lover and a friend. My childhood was not a good one as so many people can say, and there are those who will have had it worse so I really don’t want to talk about it. But that childhood gave me some bad coping mechanisms (I’m mostly talking about sex. But also giving too much of myself to various things or people). Got me into trouble. And in part gave me all the personalities that are me. I’m bipolar. High functioning, but bipolar. I have anxiety and PTSD and depression. It’s a messed up world inside my head. Which is fine. We all have our bits in life.

This man is my lover, my friend, my baby daddy, and my life partner.

I love what I do. I love being a mom. I love my business, it’s almost all the parts of me. And you know what, I even love being a waitress. Waitresses make damn good money if you find the right place. And I feel like I have.

I’m human. I have my bad days. And I have my really bad days. But you can’t let those bad days be your focus. Or I can’t anyway. Not anymore. Isn’t life too short for that? Focus on the truths in your life. That’s my advice to everyone. Focus on your truths.

This is Destini. She is me.

Becoming Willow. My business and my blog, is my present and my future. I chose this name because Willow is the name I chose for myself when I joined Amtgard (a larping game). Willow is my nickname. It’s my “other personality”. She is fun. In my eye she has her shit together. She is nice to everyone. I’m always striving to be better than I was yesterday. To become willow. Hence my business name. It is an extension of myself.

This ends this assignment 🙂 as always, my messenger is almost always open. Should you have any questions or just need to talk, hit me up!!

Be blessed 🖤

Destini (Willow)

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