Daily Table Top Tarot

Here again to share my message from the cards 🖤 Today I chose to do a basic three card spread. I would like to remind you that I read intuitively and almost like a story. 🖤

🖤 Eight of Pentacles🖤 Queen of Cups 🖤 Elder (King) of Cups🖤

I feel like this layout is telling us that we haven’t been steady in concentrating on continuing to hone our skills and master our talents. We’ve not been the best in balancing our moods. Which is fair. The world is a weird place to be in right now with so many different things pulling us so many different directions. We need to remember not to keep our emotions bottled up. We need to release them or it will effect our entire lives.

Scream into a pillow, out into the wild, or just out loud. There are no laws forbidding it. Venting to a friend or partner is also a great place to start. This is a form of self care that many of us forget to include.

I enjoy writing, meditating, and have been known to do some screaming of my own. My friends and I used to go out to this bridge in the middle of nowhere to scream and vent. We haven’t done that in a really long time though. #lifehappens

Just do something. If you feel like you have nobody to go to, no one to listen to you…I want to to get a hold of me. I will listen, offer advice should you want it, or we can meditate together!! I am also a Reiki Master and will send you so much healing energy your whole body will feel lighter. Just know you aren’t alone. Holding on to our emotions messes everything up. From jobs to relationships to just walking out of the house. Mastering the release of them will benefit you in so many ways.

Love & Light

Destini (Willow)

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