Solar Plexus Chakra

This week at Becoming Willow we are balancing and grounding our solar plexus chakra. This chakra is so important. Not only does it govern over who we are essentially, but corresponds with our personality, self-esteem, and self-worth. When it is out of balance we feel the need to dominate where we just shouldn’t, have a great need for keeping up appearances and prestige. We may feel inadequate. We don’t respect ourselves and our boundaries fall away. We may even hate ourselves. Our power is given away, leaving us with little to no sense of self.

After we are done our personal power will be back. We will know our self worth again. We will be in touch with our inner warrior. There will be a balance between our material world and our spiritual world. We will also feel that deep inner peace and calm again.

Journalism is an important part of my personal life. I have kept at least two random journals since I was a child and am very happy to say that I have passed that practice down to my children. I believe that I may have four or five laying around my house currently and one in my purse. I am horrible about finishing them out though. I tend to just pick up another one and begin writing in it when I find one I like or I’ve started a new goal. Above are some journal prompts that I will be focusing on this next week, I’ll be adding in Tarot to go along with them and can’t wait. So watch out for those spreads!!


As with my last two blog posts on chakras, I will be walking you through a meditation to help you open and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra. Meditation is such a fantastic practice to get into to center yourself. Not just for balancing purposes.

If you would like to repeat these mantras in your meditation it will just add to the overall experience. Okay. I want you to find a comfortable sitting position or lay down. To begin, take three deep breaths. In through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel the calm rush through your body and mind. I want you to imagine your breath energizing your Solar Plexus Chakra, about two inches above your naval. I enjoy holding a hand on the solar plexus and the heart chakra. You can also add crystals to your meditation. Yellow citrine or yellow tigers eye are both really good crystals to help balance this chakra.

“Wake up” your chakra by gently tapping or massaging in circles. With each breath, I want you to direct the energy to your chakra and imagine a beautiful yellow sphere hovering above it. This sphere is rotating. Clockwise if you connect more with the masculine and counter-clockwise if you connect more with the feminine.

As you drop deeper and deeper into your meditative state ask your chakra what it needs. Your answers can come in many forms. Music, images, smells, tastes. Or you may not receive any answer at all, and that is perfectly fine. Especially if you are new or new-ish to meditation. Feel your chakra pulsing? Feel that slight heat? You are connecting to your chakra. It’s a beautiful feeling!!

You can sit here “listening” and feeling connected for however long you feel you need. Breathe. Relax. And let the calm energy flow over you. When you are finished, take three more deep breaths. In through your nose and slowly release through your mouth. Direct the energy from your breaths to the soles of your feet. Grounding yourself. Open your eyes. You have completed the meditation and have connected with your chakra. How do you feel? What messages did you receive?

Crystals are an amazing healing tool to keep on you, or around your house, your place of business, in your car…the possibilities are endless.

I personally really like using Tiger Eye for my solar plexus.

Get your power back and awaken your inner warrior with this yoga sequence!! Yoga is another powerful practice you get into. It helps you direct your breath and energy and helps strengthen your overall health.

Add some yellow foods to your diet this week. A pineapple smoothie sounds absolutely refreshing with the heat we are having. And yellow bell peppers are a nice sweet treat.

Drink some chamomile tea and add honey and lemon…yum.

An essential oil blend of lemon, and lavender would be a welcome addition this week. Do not forget to dilute in a carrier oil such as Jojaba, or maybe a little sweet almond.

If you’ve been contemplating taking martial arts, this week is the week to do it. It is a practice that strengthens your body and your mind and would be a huge help in bringing out your power!

Also, wear yellow clothing. We are all about yellow this week…If you couldn’t tell.

I sincerely hope that some of this helps you with your journey to open, connect with, and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra. Get your power back!!

Love & Light


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