The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the physical chakras and located about two inches below the navel. It governs over your creativity, your sexuality, expressing your emotions/feelings in a healthy way, your clairsentience, and having healthy relationships with money. When blocked/off balance you will have a hard time expressing your feelings, or are dissociating pretty hard. You are more than likely out of touch with your pleasure or are having issues with your libido. Honestly, this could be lack of libido or an overly active one in my personal experience. You will have a creative block, and if you are like me, having your creativity blocked is almost like a death sentence (I’ve explained it to my life partner as feeling as if I have a limb missing). You may be having reproductive issues, problems in your relationship. You’ll be feeling shame, when you wouldn’t normally. Also, you’ll be putting more importance on obtaining material things, or having issues surrounding money and abundance. This chakra is an important one <they all are> to me personally. When it is out of whack, I tend to lose a lot of myself and it damages my relationship with my life partner and my relationship with my children. But this week we are making sure everything is balanced in the ways they need to be. Starting today.


This is what I will be starting with. I am going to add in some essential oil therapy and mantras to my meditation today. But this is going to be much like last weeks Root Chakra meditation with a little bit of changes here and there.

I have made an oil that I will be rubbing on my sacral chakra location and making an inhaler with the essential oils needed. I’ve got some blood orange essential oil diluted in jojaba oil. And my inhaler has blood orange and lavender <I tend to use lavender a lot for its relaxation and anti anxiety purposes>. I begin my meditation by “annointing” myself and breathing in my inhaler. Make sure you are either sitting or laying in a comfortable position. Take three deep calming breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the calm rush over you. If you like adding crystals to your meditations, you can be holding it in your hands at the place of your chakra. I’ve chosen moonstone in this meditation.

Wake this chakra up by tapping gently three times. Remember this is two inches below your navel. You can also massage in small circles, I always do clockwise motions in my works unless I am trying to connect with a certain deity that requires a different direction. With each breath you take, try to direct the energy from it to your Sacral Chakra. Now imagine an orange sphere of light. It is pulsing and growing larger. Imagine it is spinning, if you connect more with the masculine then it is spinning clockwise, feminine is counterclockwise.

As you relax more and more, ask you chakra what it needs. You may get images, smells, your intuition giving off signals…or you may not get any answer. That is perfectly fine. Act on the messages you do receive. If no messages were received then bring your awareness to that location. Feel that warming sensation? That is your connection to the sacral chakra! Embrace it. Feel it. Love it.

When you feel as if you are done, end your meditation by taking three deep and calming breaths. Direct your breaths and energy to the soles of your feet, grounding yourself. Gently open your eyes. Congrats!! You’ve connected and have started the balancing of your Sacral Chakra.

Here are some fantastic yoga poses to help you open and balance your sacral chakra. I am pregnant and cannot do some of them. But these are really relaxing and help whole lot. I am doing before bed for that extra relaxation.

That last bullet point…I’ll be doing some extra mediation in the shower before doing a yoga routine.

Light some orange candles, wear some orange clothing, and eat some orange foods. Really connect to the color. It’ll help bring this chakra into focus, and let the healing begin.

Something else that I highly recommend is some sensual dancing. Tap in to that part of yourself. Put on some music, and get in touch with your body and how it moves. Put on something that makes you feel sexy and go for it. I enjoy doing this in the shower actually. It adds to the meditation as well, for me anyway.

Journal. Paint. Get in touch with the creative part of yourself. I’ll be painting in colors that remind me of the Sacral Chakra later tonight and will be sharing that picture tomorrow. I enjoy abstract painting, so you’ll see something along those lines, lol.

Next weeks post will continue our Chakra journey with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Let me know if this helped and add a comment or two about your personal journey and tips!!!

Love & Light


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