This Week on BW…

Everything is out of whack lately. I feel it, you feel it…literally everyone feels it. I mean, you have to right? My energy has been blocked or off balance. So I have decided to take the next seven weeks and realign my chakras, begin my ongoing yoga journey again, and really delve into the depths of energy healing. There is too much happening in the world right now, and honestly everyone needs that extra bit of protection, don’t you think so?

Each week we will begin a new Chakra. Starting with the root chakra and working our way up from there. I will share throughout the week different tips to balance the Chakra we are working on and share in my knowledge of crystals, yoga, healthy eating habits, meditations, and other various workings.

If you follow my various social medias, you’ll get daily posts. However, if not I’ll be writing just a couple articles a week on here. I will also be creating candles to go along with each Chakra. I am super excited to get started. So enjoy, and maybe this will help you as much as it is me 🙂 Join in and share your journey ❤

Love & Light


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