Spirit Guides & How I connected W/ Mine

“The spirit world is always calling to us. Visiting is like your soul getting a refreshing cleansing.” ~My grandmother, Penni Hoaglin

So for this post I pulled in some help. Finding your spirit guide is a very personal thing, and it is special for everyone. Nobody connects quite the same, I feel. So I got some quotes and things from my grandmother, who never fails to answer my questions or give me guidance when asked.

Let’s hear from Penni. Who, BTW, has had a huge hand in giving me the courage to “live out loud” and not hide who I am. I know I have said it before, but she is a vat of knowledge, and a resource I use often. Also, she is a kick ass warrior woman and an amazing ally to have on your side.

This is her reply to my question about giving tips on how to connect with your spirit guide…

“I feel it’s more a matter of centering and balancing until you are able to open your heart and mind to hear them, than it is to ‘Find’ them. Your guides are always there, you just need to learn how to listen. The more you let them guide you, the easier it will be.”

I agree with her. Opening your heart and your mind is a huge part of it. Those little “gut feelings” you get about certain situations? Those are your guides. Listen.

This is what Penni does…

“I need a good deep meditation session. I don’t like going that deep alone because the temptation is always there to stay. I need someone on this plane to ground me and pull me back.”

This is where she and I differ. I’ve never went so deep I’ve needed an anchor. But boy is that on my bucket list now. The first time I came “face to face” with my spirit guide I did a guided meditation. I let it play out like a movie in my head. First I meditated and cleared my mind for a bit. I wanted everything quiet in there. <The next part, I am just going to walk you through the path I took in my mind, surrounded by candles and calm energy.>

I start at a field of wheat. Lush, and beautiful wheat that is up passed my waist. My hair is down and flowing. I am wearing a loose white summer dress and I am barefoot. I walk through the field for a bit until i reach a pond with crystal clear water and colorful rocks. I can see the little minnows and tadpoles through the water and everything is so peaceful. There is a slight breeze and I can feel it lift strands of hair off my face. I am sitting there on a boulder and I see her walk up out of the pond. My spirit guide is a woman with a soothing voice. She has a loving energy. After we hug, we walk hand in hand through the field of wheat. Sometimes I stay for a while, sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. I just like to feel her presence sometimes. But she is there to guide me whenever I need her.

I can be having the worst anxiety, close my eyes and bring forth that loving warm feeling she generates and then I am better.

There are many things you can add to your practice and your craft to aid in your path for connecting to your guide or guides. Some people have more than one. Some people need more than one. HAHA. I’ve only ever connected with my one guide and honestly that’s perfect for me and my path.

The tea pictured about is a really good mixture for helping bring forth anything you are doing with psychic travels. I happen to use Lavender, Peppermint, and rosemary. YUM! My tea helps relax me before sending me off to my happy place. It also protects me from any bad energy that may want to invade my brain space and my spirit, and fills me with love.

I use a lot of crystals in my craft. With this particular meditation I have amethyst, quartz, obsidian, and rose quartz to aide me in my travels. For calm, protection, love, and a little bit of a power boost. Pictured below are some crystals that are good for guides…

Some people turn to tarot. I know I definitely do. I ask my cards for messages I may be blocking from my guide. Tarot never leads me astray, actually and is a perfect addition for helping you center yourself and to help you open your mind a little.

I hope this post helped, or maybe gave you something you can relate to. Please share your own stories and tips about connecting with your guides in the comments, or message me. I love hearing from all of you.

Love & Light


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