Meditation that Works for me…

I was a very… dramatic teenager. I jumped around on hobbies, argued with everyone, and if I wasn’t getting my way I did everything in my power to change it.

My actual adolescence

The only things that have changed are, I only argue when I have facts to back myself up, and if it isn’t life or death I tend to just move on if I don’t get my way. Oh!! And I meditate…a lot.

The first time I did a Guided Meditation I wanted to meet my spirit guide. So I actually tried a few before finding one that works for me, and after I was done and I met her, the feelings of love and security were not to be beat. That was a few years ago, and to this day, I still use the basic guided meditation to get to her and receive the love and knowledge I feel whenever I see her.

Here is a simple guided mediation that I use with my children should they want to meditate.

Sometimes, my thoughts overwhelm me. There are too many tabs open and I cant focus. At those times I intentionally sit down and get comfy. I do not try to empty my head. Instead, I let the thoughts come. I sit down and let them play like a movie in my head and when the movie ends, I close the tab. It’s a huge relief and it works. Sometimes clearing your head is a no-go. So it’s better to just get the thoughts over with and then let them go, the important ones will find a way back at a not so hectic time.

I just love this.

Before I do my tarot, I do sit down and try to clear my head. If I am focusing on something too hard then my tarot will also focus on that. So, I sit at my alter, light some candles and sage, and clear my head. Sometimes for added relaxation purposes I put on Celtic Instrumental music.

There are many, many ways to meditate, and these are just a few of what I enjoy doing. Since starting to meditate on the regular, I have seen many benefits. I relax more easily. Doing things intentionally comes more naturally. I trust both myself and my surroundings much more. When I was younger, I didn’t think things through…but now I do…and when my brain wants to sabotage me and overthink, I recognize it and stop it.

Meditation has helped me in many areas of my life. But I’ve seen the biggest changes in my anxiety, my depression, and my attitude.

Also, my oldest daughter asked me many many moons ago to teach her how to meditate and incorporates it into her life regularly and from time to time asks me to join. I love seeing my children learn and grow as humans!

~If you need help or even just want to share what works for you, do not hesitate to reach out. Comment, like, share, message ❤

Love and Light, my dear friends.


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